Introducing Chapter 1: Uncivil at Heart

Introducing Chapter 1: Uncivil at Heart

June 27, 2019

Discover the story of our first capsule, which sets the scene for chronicles to come. This is where Uncivil Bliss begins.

Uncivil Bliss is a brand born from the heart, so it felt natural to put exactly that at the centre of our first capsule.


heart noun:

(1). the organ in your chest that sends the blood around your body: (2). used to refer to a person's character, or the place within a person where feelings or emotions are considered to come from: (3). the central or most important part.

Capturing all three definitions in one core motif, we present An Uncivil Heart.

A symbol that’s culturally over-sentimental is uncovered in its most raw form. A graphic representation that’s both resolutely cool and luxurious in appearance thanks to our unique leather craftsmanship.

Representing our love for both street culture and luxury, An Uncivil Heart reveals how these two opposing elements work together in perfect harmony.

Articulated through the use of pink – a colour inherently romantic but typically inappropriate within the streetwear space, the capsule is stamped with the art of contrast and rebellion that underscores Uncivil Bliss.


Are you ready to Unveil your Heart?


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