Why Manga matters to Uncivil Bliss

Why Manga matters to Uncivil Bliss

June 28, 2019

It’s a cornerstone of the streetwear movement and a key influence in how our brand began, so it felt only right to create our own tribute to the art form that continues to inspire our own. 

From the likes of Akira to Ghost in The Shell, Manga’s influence on fashion, not only in Japan, but across the globe, has been so huge it’s pretty much impossible to measure. 

On a personal level, Japan holds a special place in our hearts, and we’ve been lucky enough to visit and witness firsthand the culture that’s been instrumental in streetwear’s rise to world domination.

Anime culture and streetwear both share a strong visual identity which binds them together, and it’s this relationship we set out to explore.

Fashion brands typically do this by collaborating with artists or drawing from existing art, but we wanted to do something different. We wanted to create something from scratch. Something special. Something that’s true to the community it serves. Our own kind of fan art, that you can enjoy as part of the Uncivil Bliss experience.

An Uncivil Heart is the first chapter in our tribute – a series of books we’ve created, written and illustrated ourselves.

Set in a world where haute couture rules the upper class and the rest of society is relegated to wearing the same uniform, Yara, a streetwear enthusiast and aspiring designer, and her brother, Tiyo, dream of a different world.

Together with their dog Poons, they embark on a mission to overthrow high society and bring streetwear back to the masses and reinstate it to its rightful glory. 

Our Manga book is delivered with every Uncivil Bliss order and brings our first capsule to life, so go ahead – be a part of our story and find out what happens next.

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