About Us

Once upon a time.

A man named Joseph owned a leather factory in Lebanon. He was famous for the exquisite shoes he made, crafted from the finest materials which he’d bring back from his travels to Italy.

His legacy lived on through his customers and his descendants, and half a century later, his grandson, Jalal, a streetwear fanatic, had a vision to give this family tradition new meaning in the modern day.

Together with his wife, Tiana, and their friend Carine, a haute-couture designer, they joined forces to form a streetwear brand with a difference.

Uncivil Bliss was born.

Believing luxury and streetwear can work in harmony, Uncivil Bliss is rooted in a belief that Uniqueness Unites Us. We celebrate the art of contrast in everything we do.

Based in London, made in Portugal, inspired by Japan and with roots in Beirut, Paris, Italy, Iran and Norway, Uncivil Bliss represents a state of mind since birth that knows no boundaries.

Using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations, leather lies at the heart of our brand and is the common thread that runs through every capsule – represented by chapters in our story.

Through the leather being treated in unique ways to form the trims and themes that define our aesthetic, an unexpected quality is given to signature oversized silhouettes.

We believe in the importance of not following one line. Challenging the traditional fashion calendar, our capsules launch throughout the year, each one split into a men’s and women’s offering – ‘cos streetwear is for everyone.

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